Exhibits & Events

Showboat CrowdsmThe Lowell Area Historical Museum maintains permanent, temporary and traveling exhibits on a wide range of Lowell history topics.
Located in the museum, permanent exhibits cover topics of Native American history, Early Settlers, Industry and Retailing, The Lowell Showboat and Military History of Lowell. A recreated parlor and dining room show how the historic Graham house would have been decorated when first built.
A changing exhibit space features a different topic in Lowell history every two years. The current exhibit explores the Strand Theater. Previous exhibits included the Furniture Industry in Lowell, The Lyon block, and historic toys.
Traveling exhibits are created by the Museum for the purpose of bringing history into the community. Local venues including the library, banks and schools host the exhibits. Traveling exhibits are available to reserve. Topics are: Cutters to Corvettes, Where We Worship, Seeds of Innovation, and Ghost Towns of Lowell.



Audience gathered for a Lowell Showboat performance