The Sixties


The Lowell Area Historical Museum is pleased to announce our newest special exhibit "The Sixties a Decade of Change." Opening October 4, 2014 the exhibit explores the politics, fashion, music, and events that shaped this turbulent decade in our nation’s history. It explores what was happening in Lowell in the 1960s and how national and world events were experienced here. This exhibit is a distinctive reflection of what life was like in this decade. Even those not yet born in the sixties grew up listening to music from this era and can recall major events that shaped the decade like the assassination of Kennedy, the Civil Rights movement and the moon landing. Lowell had direct connections to many of these events and people who helped shaped the decade. Lowell itself changed dramatically in the 1960s. It went from being a small village to a city. Schools were consolidated, baby boomers entered school and sparked the building of several new schools, the interstate highway came through and the commercial and residential center of town spread to new suburban areas just west of town. This exhibit has something to interest all ages. We invite you to come explore the sixties! The exhibit will run through August 2016.


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