Cobblers to Tin-Knockers – Lowell’s retailing past

Cobblers to Tin-Knockers – Lowell’s retailing past.
Before there were mega-stores like Meijer, Walmart, and Target, main streets of America were lined with shops that carried limited quantity and type of product.  However, the merchants always stood ready to serve the needs of each customer who entered their store.  Most were friends whom they knew well. The storekeeper’s motto was “If we haven’t got it, we’ll get it for you.”  Such was the case here in Lowell.
This exhibit brings those days of yesteryear back to life, using the Lyon Block as our point of reference.  Journey back to that simpler time; visit Hazel’s Hat Shop and Hill’s Shoe Store.  Get a feel for an era when vendors knew their customers by name and catered to their needs.
Come remember the past as you visit and study the timeline of the eight stores fronts that were in the Lyon Block.  You will see the following stores Gee’s Hardware, Hill’s Shoes, Hartman’s Drugs, Coons Men Store, and Hazel’s Hat Shop.   This block is located where Cousins’ Hallmark and Dr. James Reagan are located today. This exhibit captures what it was like to shop in Lowell during an earlier time in our history. Using artifacts from the Museum’s collection as well as borrowed objects from community members and institutions, graphics and text call out the story behind retailing in Lowell. This exhibit highlights the advancements, marketing, and the many businesses located on this block.   “Cobblers to Tin-Knockers” showcased in the Museum’s special exhibits gallery from October 3, 2008 through August 30, 2010.