Past Exhibits

Why we have special exhibits
  • Showcase special artifacts from our collection – We use many artifacts from our collection to do a new exhibit, but more importantly we borrow some from the community members.  This helps our patrons feel a part of our organization.
  • Tell a unique story about our history
  • Enrich people with a new way to learn about history – experience the history by watching an old movie or even seeing a silent movie for the first time, etc.
  • To uncover more history about a subject – interviews with the families gave us stories about the Strand that we never knew…without this exhibit we may never had uncovered them.
  • To give our members another reason to come back to the Museum.
Exhibit Logo - Fabulous Furniture

Fabulous Furniture



Gizmos and Gadgets


Real to Reel
Cobblers to Tin-Knockers – Lowell’s retailing past.