Oral History

The Lowell Area Historical Museum has an active program of conducting oral histories of citizens of the Lowell area. The histories have all been video recorded and are available for the public to view.

Tune in to The LOWELLife program of oral histories on 92.3 each Sunday at 8:00pm to hear a new selection each week of Lowell oral histories.


To see a particular interview please contact the Museum to set up an appointment. Below is a list of the interviews that are currently available.
The Lowell Area Historical Museum is also accepting names for future interviews. If you are interested, or know someone that we should consider, please contact us.
Phone 616-897-7688 email history@lowellmuseum.org



Last Name
First Name
Acheson Howard Military
Avery Norton Louis Resident
Bailey Dean Resident
Beachum Donald Military
Bieber James Military
Biemers Richard Military
Bieri Richard Military
Bishop Robert Military
Blough Lloyd Military
Blough Carolyn Jane Resident
Chase Floyd Military
Christiansen Bob Military
Deloof Arnie Military
Dey Dode Resident
Doyle Charles Military
Doyle King Military
Dudek Louis Military
Dues William (raw footage) Military
Ford Donna Jean Resident
Gerard Donald (raw footage) Military
Graham Walter Military
Green Robert Military
Green Carla Miller (raw footage) Military
Gwatkin MaryAnn Military
Hill Thomas Dr. Resident
Hotchkiss Arthur Military
Jackson Gloria Military
Jamosco Steve Military
Johnson Fay Military
Johnson William Military
Kaufman Ernie Military
Kerekes Paul Military
King Eugene Military
Krebs George Military
Kuna Anthony Military
Lally John Military
Lind Otto Military
Lyons Glenn Military
Maier Fred Military
Marks Glenn Military
Myckoviak Mike Resident
Nebbling John Military
Newell Gordon Military
Parker Gerald Military
Parsons Clark (raw footage) Military
Pfaller Leo Military
Platner Howard Military
Posthumus Charles Military
Rackham Milton Military
Reagan Robert Military
Richardson John (raw footage) Military
Rickert Marie Resident
Roth Alfred Military
Roth Ed Resident
Schneider John Military
Schreur William Resident
Sefton Elizabeth Huie (raw footage) Military
Sefton George (raw footage) Military
Sharrock Vickisu Military
Siegle Richard Military
Sironen Glen  (raw footage) Military
Smith Eugene Military
Sterzick WIlliam Military
Steward Robert Military
Story Ron Military
Thomet Alfred Military
Thompson David Military
Wabeke Edward (raw footage) Military
Ward Jack Military
Wegner Ron Resident
Wells Gerald Military
Westbrook Thomas Military
Williams Colin (raw footage) Military
Wisner Allen Military
Women of Vergennes UMC Resident
Yeiter Sam  Military
Yeiter Betty Resident
Zandstra Raymond Military